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Autoclave Tapes

A reliable autoclave tape that provides immediate identification of processed items and also serves as a closure tape to seal sterilization packs. The chemical indicator lines will turn dark when exposed to proper sterilization conditions.  The autoclave tapes are suitable for steam and ethylene oxide sterilization processes.


  • Water-based and non-toxic chemical indicator

  • Adheres to woven, treated woven, non-woven, paper and paper/plastic wraps

  • Adhesive seals pack the wrapping material securely but provide a clean peel from the material

  • Different sizes are available on request.

  • Compatible with ISO 11140-1


It is important to note that, the presence of autoclave tape that has changed color on an item, does not ensure that the product is sterile, as the tape will change color upon exposure only.


REF               DESCRIPTIONS                                     STANDARD

SAT1950         Steam Tape 19 mm x 50 MISO                 11140-1

SAT2550         Steam Tape 25 mm x 50 MISO                 11140-1


REF             DESCRIPTIONS                                       STANDARD

C1950            Steam Tape 19 mm x 50 MISO                    11140-1

C2550            Steam Tape 25 mm x 50 MISO                    11140-1


REF              DESCRIPTIONS                                         STANDARD

B1950            Steam Tape Blue 19 mm x 50 MISO             11140-1

B2550            Steam Tape Blue 25 mm x 50 MISO             11140-1


REF              DESCRIPTIONS                                         STANDARD

E1950             EO Tape 19 mm x 50 MISO                             11140-1

E2550             EO Tape 25 mm x 50 MISO                             11140-1


REF              DESCRIPTIONS                                         STANDARD

H1950             H2O2 Tape  19 mm x 50 MISO                      11140-1

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