Bowie & Dick Test Packs

National and International Standards demand that vacuum-assisted steam sterilizers must be tested at the beginning of each working day. “Bowie & Dick Test Pack” concept allows you to fulfill this requirement with minimum effort and with the highest level of quality.

Test Pack designed for vacuum-assisted sterilizers to test the efficiency of the vacuum system, to remove air from the sterilizer chamber and to detect leaks in the system that would allow air into the chamber. A uniform change of the indicator sheet indicates that all the air was removed and replaced by steam.

Performed after a warm-up cycle at the beginning of every day, the Bowie-Dick Test verifies the sterilizer effectively removes air.

  • Bowie & Dick test packs verifiy not only the steam penetration but also air discharge removal and Air Leaks

  • Easy to use and cost effective

  • Water-based and non-toxic chemical indicator

  • Indicator pattern is easy to read and interpret

  • Designed to give equivalent results to those obtainable by the Bowie and Dick protocol

  • The backside of the indicator sheet contains fields to be filled out and it can be kept as a permanent record for traceability purposes

  • Compatible with ISO 11140-4 (Class 2 + 4)

  • Customer oriented designs are possible

REF              DESCRIPTIONS                                                                 UNIT PRICE

BD200         Bowie & Dick Test Pack (200 Sheets)ISO                11140-4

BD400         Bowie & Dick Test Pack (400 Sheets)ISO                11140-4


REF                DESCRIPTIONS                                                                       UNIT PRICE

BD-10           Bowie & Dic Test Big Size Test Sheet (pack of 100)   ISO 11140-1


Helix Test PCD and Apparatus

Helix PCD Test (Process Challenge Device) is used as a daily test for pre-vacuum hospital sterilizers and for benchtop steam sterilizers Class B for steam penetration and inert gases. The Helix PCD test is an excellent test to detect even the smallest amounts of inert gases and steam penetration capabilities.

The EN 867 Part 5 is describing a Helix PCD based steam penetration test as an alternative for the Bowie & Dick Test for benchtop steam sterilizers Class B, the EN 285 is specifying the Helix PCD test for hospital steam sterilizers when it is mainly used to sterilize hollow loads.

Helix PCD test is not replacing routine monitoring of sterilization cycles. This should be done by lot control sets and/or within pack integrators.

There are different types of indicator according to the sterilization process selected: Steam, Ethylene Oxide, and Hydrogen Peroxide. If all bars change to the final color, the result is successful, so the sterilizer is working correctly. If one bar is different from the final color, it shows a bad sterilizing agent penetration, therefore an equipment malfunction.

  • Water-based and non-toxic chemical indicator

  • It is easy to read and interpret

  • 250 cycles are guaranteed

  • After Steam Sterilization process pink color changes to dark color

  • After EO Sterilization process blue color changes to green color

  • After H2O2 Sterilization process purple color changes to blue color

  • Compatible with ISO 11140-1

  • With the self-Adhesive feature, it can be used as a permanent record for traceability purposes

REF                       DESCRIPTIONS                                             UNIT PRICE

C-1031                HELIX PCD TUBE 1.5 M                              ISO 11140-1

C-1131                HELIX PCD TUBE 80 CM                            ISO 11140-1


Pink Card Bowie & Dick Test

The Pink Card is a Bowie&Dick test designed to detect air leaks, inadequate steam penetration and vacuum pump failures in pre-vacuum steam sterilizers. The test is conducted each day in an empty sterilizer before processing any loads.

  • Water-based and non-toxic chemical indicator

  • It is easy to read and interpret

  • The apparatus of the Pink Card (metal ring) allows Pink Card to be attached to a rack in the sterilizer and holds the card in place during the sterilization cycle

  • Compatible with ISO 11140-1 and EN 867-5

REF                DESCRIPTIONS                                                                  UNIT PRICE

BD-8              Pink Card Bowie & Dick Test,   (Pack of 100)           ISO 111404

BD-8-HLD   Holder for BD-8 Pink Card