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autoclave tapes

A reliable autoclave tape that provides immediate identification of processed items and also serves as a closure tape to seal sterilization packs




Bowie & Dick Test Pack” concept allows you to fulfill this requirement with minimum effort and with the highest level of quality.


Helix Test PCD and Apparatus

Helix PCD Test (process challenge device) is used as a daily test for pre-vacuum hospital sterilizers and for bench
top steam sterilizers Class B for steam penetration and inert gases. 

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Pink Card Bowie & Dick Test

The Pink Card is a Bowie-Dick test designed to detect air leaks, inadequate steam penetration and vacuum pump
failures in pre-vacuum steam sterilizers. The test is conducted each day in an empty sterilizer prior to processing
any loads.

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Class 4 Dual Strips

Class 4 Dual Strips monitors critical parameters to ensure proper sterilization has accrued during the steam sterilization process.


class 5

  • Class 5 Steam Integrator

  • Class 5 Extender

  • Class 5 Integrator


Class 6 Emulating Indicator

Class 6 Emulating Indicators are cycle verification indicators that confirm the presence or absence of specific time and temperature parameters during a cycle and integrate all the critical parameters of the steam sterilization cycle. 

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face shıeld

1) Strong design 

2) Suitable for re suitable after disinfecting

3) Anti Fog coated PET film 0.3 Microns

4) Sponge coated in frame for comfortable use for long hours

5) Safety screws against film fall in down from frame. It is lock film to frame.

6) Clear screen, easy to make operation or read view from film.

7) Latex Free materials

8) Easy to use

9) Economic

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  • Plastic Security Seals

  • Self-Adhesive Seals

  • Container Labels

  • Container Filters

  • Self-Adhesive Documentation Label and Labeler




Surgical Instrument Soil Test Solution

Inefficient cleaning can put disinfection and sterilization procedures at risk. A poorly functioning washer-disinfector can leave behind microscopic debris that can severely compromise both the disinfection and sterilization process


sms wrap

SMMS wrapping paper consists of three nonwoven polypropylene fabric layers and can be used either as the inner or outer wrapping of medical devices and trays. 

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