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Surgical Instrument Soil Test Solution

Inefficient cleaning can put disinfection and sterilization procedures at risk. A poorly functioning washer-disinfector can leave behind microscopic debris that can severely compromise both the disinfection and sterilization process. One of the best and easiest ways to check whether instruments are being cleaned effectively is to present the cleaning equipment with a physical challenge such as the cleaning efficacy tests.

Surgical Instrument Soil Test Solution is designed to simulate the soiling that naturally occurs during theatre use and performs equivalently to the human blood.

The red color of the Surgical Instrument Soil Test Solution allows easy identification of areas that have not been properly cleaned, providing a visual analysis of equipment efficiency.

  • Easy to use and interpret

  • Non-toxic chemical indicator

  • Compatible with ISO 15883-5


SMS Wrap

SMMS wrapping paper consists of three nonwoven polypropylene fabric layers and can be used either as the inner or outer wrapping of medical devices and trays. The spunbond layers (S) provide good filtration properties, tensile strength and are fluid repellent while the meltblown layers (M) ensure strong bacterial barrier properties with very small porous size.

SMMS wraps as single or double wrapped are suitable for steam, ethylene oxide, and hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization methods. The memory-free feature before and after sterilization ensures good aseptic presentation.

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